dincolo de infinit, aici. T8.

[inspirația de azi a venit în engleză… cu regret pentru nevorbitori. traducerea din google translate bunicică, o puteți folosi]

The weavers of time

– We all live in a bubble, an electromagnetic sphere that keeps us all trapped here.

– No. No, no, no, professor! That’s quite a nice try, but you can’t convince us. We all know the contrary for ages.

– Then why do you think we have put the efforts altogether, nation with nation, to reopen the schools for those over 50’s? To bring you here and speak about the real history, the real geography, the real of all that is real.


And so the story began to be spoken. The truth was finally set free. Many got answers, many were confused. Many believed, many didn’t. Afterall, it is hard to accept things that take you out of control of your own life.

There is no past, there is no future. There is only present, now and forever. All the past you remember is just weaved memories. We generally need them, because as humans, we tend to not live fully in the present and we search for memories from the past in order to make sense of everything. We live in a buble of continuum and live the same day over and over again. Still, we tend to believe that there was ‘yesterday’, that ‘tomorrow’ is yet to come, but none of those is real. There is just the ‘now’. We have people trained to weave past memories and future dreams, so anyone can rely on them freely. But at some point, there is too much work to be done. So comes the time to call some of you here, back at school, a new type of school, and to tell you the truth. We urge you to live in the present, more and more, to release some of the workers from their day and night work. They’ll return soon to weave again, as many remain unannounced about this. It is not yet their time.


Be kind to yourself. Watch the sunsets. Enjoy the rainbows. They flourish so fast. Draw them into your mind, don’t run to grab the camera. Don’t regret them. Don’t regret at all. All that you have lived can be lived once again through memory of feelings. Wish for new moments, for new memories to be build. See the less expected glimpse of fun and joy through the eyes of the grateful. Take your time. Don’t rush. Be kind. Be gentle.

As the words surrounded her from the sky of the room, she became aware of all missed moments earlier that day, of her continuous fight for imaginary deep dark forest, of her struggle for remaining stuck on the known… and all became clear as fast as a blink of an eye. It was the bliss, the joy of being, the colours and the feelings passing through her body, it was the time that did not stood still, it was the wind and all the life around. And be it just a moment or two, be it the same over and over again, she couldn’t care less, as it was truly priceless.

She stood up, went for the door, opened it and, as she already foreseen, the professor was there. A kind smile on his face, his gentle touch on the shoulder, the soft voice were just as they should have always been and known.

– So, you stay with us.

– For sure. As this is all it should be.

– Follow me.

They both entered a large hall full of students, some older, some not, some passed away, some still living.

– Hello, everyone! Let me introduce you Amanda, your teacher. Listen to her, bring your questions, your doubts and keep in mind: do not leave this place heartbroken, but in knowledge.



© Iustina Dorobanțu, august 2018

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