An Ocean of Souls

As we go deeper into the darkness, our eyes no longer see. Other senses cease to capture the world, too. There is no way back. The unknown lies ahead. At that moment, there is only one option: go further. Is it a rational, reasonable choice? Or is it the creation of the mind, pure invention to give purpose to the fragile existence? A glimpse of possible futures draws the two antithetical paths: life and death. A whisper pours directly into the mind the unavoidable turning point: it is up to each of us to choose – sink and drown or dive deeper and get to the other side.

You need new skills. You have to find new ways to move along, to shift through space and time. You need a new understanding of all around and inside you. You need new patterns or maybe to break free from all patterns.

Let your heart be your castle, open the gates, do not pour poison into the river that surrounds you, hold the fire of your dragons. Let your heart listen to the visitors, welcome their joy, their tears, learn from them, accept their gifts, gently care for the grass that holds their steps, make sure there is plenty of water to calm their thirst. 

That was the way to learn from the outside. Was it enough? Did it get you closer to what you expected? Are you ready for the real challenge? Are you ready to not expect anything? Are you ready to dive deeper into the universe inside you? Are you ready to listen for the first time for all that you already knew? Are you ready to stay still and listen to the wind? Are you ready to quiet your mind and listen to the beats of your heart? Are you ready to stop chasing time and treasure the moment?

Are you ready to be free?

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